Impact Mentality: SF Agenda

saturday February 2nd, 2019 | 10:00 am - 3:00 PM

parisoma: 169 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

10:00 am | Registration

10:30 am | Welcome & Keynote: Gregg Witt


Gregg witt

Chief Strategy Officer, Engage Youth Co.

“Top 5 Youth Marketers To Follow” - Inc Magazine


10:50 am | Panel 1: The Art of HYPE

Why do people wait hours just for a pair of sneakers? Or entrance into a ride at Disneyland? How do we use social media to build up HYPE? And how do we translate hype online to offline experiences and products?


Gabriel williams

CEO and Founder , Davi

Former Integrated Marketplace Director, Nike


natalie riso

Content Marketing Strategist, Studio71

3x Linkedin Top Voice


sam park

CEO, InstinctX

Creative In Residence, Microsoft Canada


11:45 am | Panel 2: Mental Health in the Rise of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Culture

We don’t talk about mental health as entrepreneurs and corporate leaders NEARLY enough. There is a growing culture of comparing how late we stay up to build a product and how much we are willing to sacrifice both mentally and physically for our business or campaign. But why is mental health disregarded in the conversation around entrepreneurship and corporate culture? How can we foster a driven, ambitious culture without hurting ourselves? Does the HYPE around being an entrepreneur need to change?


Nichol bradford

CEO, the Willow Group

Executive Director, Transformative Technology Lab


Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES

Career + Life Coach,

Forbes Coaches Council


Carley Hauck

Founder, Living Well Awake

Lecturer, Stanford


12:30 pm | Lunch

1:20 pm | Keynote: Tom Kosnik & Annabella Peng


tom kosnik

Partner, FoundersX Ventures

Co-Founder, Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute

Previously Professor, Stanford University & Harvard University

annabella peng

Founder and CEO, Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute


1:30 pm | Panel 3: Year 2040 - What Future Are We Creating?

More and more Gen Z entrepreneurs are creating companies and organizations of impact. But with socially conscious missions, important conversations around corporate culture, profit vs. impact, and globalization need to be had. How do we create and foster organizations with a social impact and a profit? When creating a socially conscious company, do we ever worry about not being politically correct enough or getting the issues wrong?


Lauryn Nwankpa

Head of Social Impact, Headspace


tom kosnik

Co-Founder, Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute

Kwiri yang.jpeg

kwiri yang

Founder and CEO, Lifegyde


2:15 pm | Networking Break

3:00 pm | Event Concludes